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The Trip Podcast: Episode 48

A conversation about photography, drinks, and freelancing on The Trip Podcast in Erbil, Iraq.

“For me, for Iraq, Cengiz Yar is the person I’m going in with. I’ve worked with him for years—he was most recently the managing editor at Roads & Kingdoms—but he’s also put in a lot of time in this country, from Kirkuk to Mosul to Baghdad but especially here in Erbil, in Kurdistan in the north. So when we started talking about bringing The Trip to Iraq, there wasn’t any question: I would go when Cengiz was there, and I wanted him on the show. He is, to me, the platonic ideal of what a photojournalist should be: compassionate, intelligent, has a great eye but isn’t in love with the aesthetics of the work. He’s brave without being stupid, and he makes a very very good drinking partner.”

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