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Display at Photoville in New York

A big thank you to Instagram for displaying the below image at Photoville in New York last week.

At the end of June the battle for Mosul entered it's ninth and final month and Iraqi forces had ISIS surrounded and cornered in the center of Mosul's Old City. Tens of thousands of civilians were estimated to remain trapped alongside the extremist militants with dwindling food supplies and little to no water or medical care after the months of siege. During the days surrounding this photo, Iraqi troops were advancing on foot into the tightly knit alleyways of the ancient Old City. The fighting was intense and brutal in the peak heat of Iraqi summer. As troops moved forward house by house, they reached trapped civilians allowing them a chance to finally flee the fighting and siege. Families poured out of the Old City and were sent to refugee camps or sought shelter elsewhere. Many of those fleeing were malnourished or injured and youngest and oldest appeared in the worst condition. People carried what they could, and often each other, through the ruins and dust of what remained of the city streets. Officials estimate that over one million people were displaced from their homes over the course of the fighting for the city. In this image a man and woman were fleeing fighting in Mosul's Old City on June 25, 2017. (Photo credit UNHCR/Cengiz Yar)