Awra Ali - for The Intercept

“Every day, there is more shrapnel,” Alia said, sitting on the linoleum floor of the hospital, stroking the tuft of brown hair on Awra’s head that is growing back after it was shaved to remove the first pieces of metal when she arrived at the hospital. Bits of shrapnel are still coming out of her head wounds, and larger pieces remain lodged in her legs.

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Documenting a Besieged City: In Mosul, Iraq, with Photojournalist Cengiz Yar

I was interviewed and featured by Instagram for my work covering the Mosul offensive. 

"Cengiz Yar (@cengizyar) has his #EyesOn the humanitarian crisis gripping Mosul, Iraq. Over the last six months, he’s documented the exodus of civilians from the besieged city, as Iraqi government forces continue an offensive to expel Islamic State fighters. “There’s a wide spectrum of emotions,” he says of the thousands of people fleeing their homes daily, in addition to the 300,000 who have already left since October. “It’s everything from extreme desperation to exhaustion to elation.”

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Iraq's Christians - Narratively

Iraq’s Christian heartland was finally freed from more than two years of ISIS occupation this fall as troops closed in on the country’s second-largest city of Mosul. But not before the destruction wrought on ancient Christian towns like Bartella and Qaraqosh was nearly absolute. There is little left now but broken tombstones, burnt churches, abandoned bomb factories and booby-trapped houses.

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Al Jazeera Irrigation Canal - for UN FAO

Recent work for UN FAO documenting their cash for work project and mine clearance operations on the main Al Jazeera irrigation canal in northern Iraq.

“This area was once known as the breadbasket of Iraq,” said Dr Fadel El-Zubi, FAO Representative in Iraq. “Farms here provided vegetables, wheat and barley for millions of Iraqis, and well-paid work for people from all over the country.”

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all images ©FAO/Cengiz Yar