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dear father

Dear Father

Thousands of refugees and migrants have attempted to enter Europe in hopes of finding a better life for themselves and their families. Many of those making the long journey are single males, risking their lives alone in hopes of being able to send for their families after they reach safety and gain asylum. Of those that successfully make it to Europe, many are indefinitely separated from their families and unable to work or provide the financial assistance they once did before leaving. These men are left waiting, sometimes for months, in refugee holding centers for judgement and decisions on residency and the eventual possibility of bringing their families with them.

Likewise, their wives and children are also left waiting and alone in refugee camps around the region. As aid to Syrian refugees continues to lessen, life has becomingly increasingly hard for families left behind without a male heads of households to protect or try and provide for them.

This project is a collection of portraits of some of those children overlaid with letters they have written to their fathers. Some letters were written by mothers of the children because they were too young to write. Other may reflect a message from an entire family to their father or older brother.